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making news in america this morning -- bitter chill gripping much of the nation. and for many, a heavy snowfall, worthy of february. who's in the line of fire and when it will let up. new details on the state of mind of the engineer in that deadly train derailment. experts weh in on what can be done to avoid accidents like this. spectacular spill. eight tons of fireworks goes up in flames. and a young man who stole the spod light at a basketball game does it again. this time, on national tv.
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>>that little dancing guy has gotten better since the last time we saw him. >> i don't know if that's possible. but you might be right. he looks great. >> hang in. you'll see him in a littlebit. we start off this wednesday morning with the frigid forecast for nearly 150 million americans. bone-chilling, arctic air and treacherous ice. it's getting worse by the day. >> the south and the east are next in line. we begin with abc's tahman bradley. >> reporter: an arctic blast sent temperatures plunging across the west. and the big chill is spreading south and east. >> it's january-like cold. only, it's early december. >> reporter: a winter storm crushed colorado and nevada, dumping heavy snow. crews brace for the morning commute. in california, howling winds. these citrus farmers in fresno, tending crops as temperatures get near freezing. >> we got our crews ready. our water. our wind machines.
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>> reporter: this morning, about two dozen states have winter watches or advisories as the coldest air of the season moves in. in northern minnesota, it's like a winter wonderland. snowfall totals could reach 15 inches in some areas. >> it's terrible. it's terrible. >> reporter: icy roads sent vehicles sliding. while the adults shovel -- kids play. >> yeah. it's wicked, actually. i've never seen it like this before. >> reporter: this cold snap is expected to linger. the forecasted high in minneapolis on friday, just 5 degrees. even dallas could slip into the 30s. tahman bradley, abc news, washington. temperatures in some areas to record lows. >> for the very latest on what we can expect today, we turn to accuweather meteorologist, jim dickey. >> reporter: a brutally cold air mass in the plains and midwest today. these are the temperatures you can expect as you head out the
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door this morning. zero in bismarck. 6 in pierre. 26 in minneapolis. as the colder air is spreading in, going to see some snowfall. an area of low pressure across lake superior. in some cases, on the heavier side, looking for three to six inches in minneapolis. in the 6 to 1-inch range in duluth. back to you. stay with abc news for the latest on this bitter cold and snow on "gma." sam champion will have everything you need to know, as he marks his last day with us here at abc. now, to new developments in the train derailment investigation. the government is slamming the rail line, as we learn the driver is apologizing, even bringing people to tears as he explained his remorse. engineer william rockefeller told investigators he was in a semiconscious state. his attorney calls it a momentary daze, like the road fatigue drivers experience. a union worker describes it in way. >> he caught himself. but he caught himself too late.
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he powered down. he put the train in emergency. that was six seconds from derailment. >> the train did not have positive train control. that would have allowed the train to slow down if it was going too fast. president obama is said to make some comments about his health care law at a youth white house event today. it's the second-straight day he will be talking about obama care. as karen travers tells us, that's by design. >> reporter: president obama highlighted the progress at but once again, he reminded americans that the health care law is not just a website. and he had a strong message for republicans. he said the health care law is here to stay. >> my main message today is we're not going back. after just the first month, despite all of the problems in the rollout, about 500,000 people across the country are poised to gain health care coverage threw marketplaces and medicaid beginning on january 1st. >> reporter: but the white house says the problems are almost fixed.
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over the next three weeks they'll make a big push to get people enrolled so they have health insurance by january 1st. john and diana? >> karen, thank you. bill clinton is clarifying recent comments about health care. president clinton recently said that mr. obama should keep his word and allow people to keep their current plans. he told cnn yesterday he was trying to be supportive of the president. the obama administration has not announced plans to rectify that issue. also, bill clinton said he does not know if his wife will run for president in 2016. vice president biden has arrived in beijing for high-stakes meetings on china's new claim about its air defense zone. it had significance after the u.s. and japan refused to recognize china's claim on that air space that's above the tiny island in the east china sea. the public will hear the dramatic 911 calls from the handy hook massacre. the tapes will be released this afternoon.
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connecticut officials have tried to block them to protect families of the 20 children and 6 educators who were killed on that day. but they decided not to appeal after a court ruled to make those recordings public. and now, to detroit, where the judge who approved the city's entrance into bankruptcy is calling that move an opportunity for a fresh start. the motor city now mustard its $18 billion debt. the judge's decision was opposed by the city's unions, pension funds and retirees who claim that the mindful of that, the judge says he will not sign off on just any proposed cut. the nation's capital is a little brighter for the rest of the year after getting an annual touch of holiday glitz. >> house speaker john boehner flipping the switch on the capitol christmas tree. it's a spruce, adorned by ornaments made by kids across the country. which state curses the most? the results are in. >> interesting.
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plus, a california ceo and his family vanished. the frantic search for their plane after it seemed to disappear from the skies. and what billy joel is planning to do every month to delight his fans. mmemmee
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stock market momentum seems to be fading as all major averages have taken a beating this week. the dow opens lower this morning for a third day in a row. the s&p 500 and nasdaq also down. l this despite cyber monday being the best online sales day in history. shares of all the major automakers are down, despite reporting a surge in sales.
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sales up 9% from a year ago, largely in part due to the buying over thanksgiving weekend. chrysler had a 16% increase. ford sales rose 7%. compact suvs proved to be the most popular models. "newsweek" plans to turn the presses back on. the magazine expects to begin a 64-page weekly edition early next year. it will cost more than the old version, according to the editor in chief, who says it will depend heavily on subscribers to pay the bills. and the piano man is taking up residence in the world's most famous arena. billow joel promised to play one concert per month at madison square garden. there's no date on when this concert series will end. the first four shows are already sold out. and the fifth one is set for may 9th, which happens to be billy joel's birthday. >> always wanted to see him. might be time. >> i did see him. he's amazing. >> he looks amazing. i'm going to wait for a year to
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go by. and e shows won't be as sold out. >> and it's going to be quite a show. it's great. when we come back, the citation of the future. why a woman who was driving wearing google glasses is not guilty. plus, riches lost and found. the woman about to pocket 50 million bucks, even though she lost her lottery ticket. [ bettina ] my dentist said to me that i had acid erosion. he actually told me that a lot of the foods that i thought were really healthy for me can do damage to the enamel on my teeth. my dentist recommended that i use pronamel. pronamel will help protect the enamel from future erosion.
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an unexpected and unplanned fireworks show in china. a truck loaded with eight tons of fireworks crashed and burst into flames. the fire burned for more than five hours with explosives loudly going off the entire time. firefighters sprayed water from a safe distance. and families living nearby had to be evacuated. fortunately, no one was hurt in that incident. now, for a look at the morning road conditions. snow-covered roads from the rockies to the great lakes. drivers could face blizzard conditions across minnesota.
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slick at times from virginia to carolina. >> if you're flying, delays are possible in mipgs, detroit, denver, dallas and memphis. autopsy results are being released for paul walker and his frndie three days after they died in a fiery car crash. >> fans continue to gather at the crash site near l.a. as we look at the moment of impact. surveillance video showing a light pole and a tree going down. it shows that the fire didn't start right away. it took a full minute before the smoke begins to rise. it leaves some to question whether the two men could have escaped. two veteran skydivers have been killed after a jump in southern arizona. the two victims crashed into each other a few hundred feet above the landing zone. both hit the ground at high speed. hundreds came running out of a training facility. every year, according to a nearby inn owner. >> they do a lot of jumps here. they're going to have an accident or two and some people are going to die. it just happens.
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>> one victim died at the scene. the other was pronounced dead at a local hospital. a search resumes at day break for a silicon valley executive and his family who haven't been heard from since sunday. dale smith and four family members were flying from oregon to butte, montana, sunday, when he reported engine trouble in their small plane. a faint signal was picked up yesterday. temperatures in that area overnight are expected to dip below zero. first of its kind case going on in california. a woman fighting a traffic ticket that alleges she was driving while using google's computer in an eye glass. she was ticketed for speeding. but the officer tacked on the citation with a monitor visible to the driver. >> it's like now. it's on. the device is physically on. but it's not active and the screen is off. if i do either this or this,
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then you can see the screen light up a little bit. >> she claims the glasses weren't on when she was driving. google glass won't be available until next year. a communication satellite roared into space last night on a private rocket. the space-x rocketed from florida carrying the satellite. it will increase band witt in asia and other operations. soon after the launch, space-x ceo elon musk tweeted a picture that the rocket took as it soared away from earth. the state of ohio launching something. but it's not rockets. apparently they are good at launching f-bombs. a new study placed from consumers to businesses. you know the ones that you're warned being recorded. ohio consumers cursed the most. followed by maryland, new jersey, louisiana and illinois. >> i'm not surprised at new jersey. >> me, too. we're from this area.
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a guy from new jersey going -- but you think ohio people would be very nice. >> yes. >> and friendly. who knows? >> slow and down to earth. and not at all. if you check-in with your megamillions ticket, no winner in last night's drawing. that means the jackpot will roll over to 291 million bucks for the next drawing which is friday night. you in it, diana? >> not yet. but i leave here. and i'm going to be in it. >> deal. a woman in canada is $50 million richer this morning even though her winning ticket is nowhere to be found. she didn't know she was a winner until lottery officials tracked her down. they used surveillance video from the convenience store where that ticket was bought. and she's going to get the money even without the ticket. >> honestly, i really don't know. i have looked into my house very thorou thoroughly. and it's not there. >> jones was able to provide a credit card bill that proved she made the purchase. she gets that check next month. >> oh, my gosh. >> canada is so nice.
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here's your money. >> right. >> america's like, sorry. you lost. >> that's the kind of knock i want at my door. some sports, now. major free agent baseball deal. jacob ellsbury moving from the red sox to the yankees on a seven-year contract worth about 153 million bucks. >> i'll take that door knock, as well. ellsbury led the majors in stolen bases last year, while helping boston to the world series title. all he has to do is pass a physical today in new york. and here you go. $153 million. >> that's some move. as for last night's action on the hardwood, here's our friends at espn. >> good morning, america. other day i'm walking across the street. and a guy next to me said, are you stan verrett. no. you're close. he's stan verrett. i'm neil everett. >> it's a compliment, to you. >> thank you. >> raptors and warriors. andre iguodala out with a strained hamstring. the warriors were down 27 in the third.
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they cut it to a one-point game. curry with three more. the warriors up two. he got 22 from klay thompson. and harrison barnes filled in for iguodala. the warriors scored 42 in the fourth. and held toronto to 15. and they win it, 112-103. >> that's crazy. number ten duke, hosting michigan. they call it the big ten acc challenge. jabari parker, dick vitale loves him. and he should. duke was up ten at the half. quinn cook had a second half. all 24 in the second half. played 37 minutes. had nine assists, just two turnovers. and the coach brought in andre dawkins to do what andre dawkins does, hits three. duke by ten. >> hard to go in there and get a win. >> yes. that's all we got. unless you have something else. >> i do. but we don't have time. up next, "the pulse."
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the new buick enclave makes sure you're ready for anything. ♪ just one more way the new enclave is smart made beautiful. ♪ time to check, "the pulse." we start with something of a good-natured rivalry renewed. 11-year-old detroit pistons fan, antwain alexander and an usher in an intense dance-off.
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all playing out on the arena's big screen. >> last night, they went move-for-move again on jimmy kimmel's show. check it out. ♪ >> oh, no. >> yeah. they got some more kimmel security guard guillermo, getting in the act. >> obviously, he wasn't keeping up with the real stars of the show, who we're watching right now. these guys are good. >> like, maybe a sitcom or something. >> they were wearing exactly what they were wearing for the game. a major change for a holiday tra digits is taking flak from some parents. millions of parents and kids use the norad site to track santa's progress. but look at the video from the site. >> santa is being escorted by military jets. and that has a whole lot of child advocates and parents
4:24 am
upset. this is typical of some of those that we read online -- inexcusable to militarize santa in any way. this is like having the easter bunny accompanied by a police escort. how do you explain that to the little ones? >> i have to agree. take the fighter jets out. it's santa claus. >> and the little ones don't understand. it's cool-looking planes. >> let that go. i want a plane like that. >> exactly. >> from santa claus. now, a story that may help diana in the near future. the most popular baby names in the country. >> when it comes to boys, the name is jackson. it's taken over the top spot. followed by liam. and for the girls, the 2013 list from baby center has sophia as reining supreme, followed by emma and olivia. "duck dynasty" has an
4:25 am
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uhm... santa? [ female announcer ] just about anywhere you use sugar, you can use splenda® no calorie sweetener. splenda® lets you experience the joy of sugar without all the calories. think sugar, say splenda™ the day building a play set begins with a surprise twinge of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief.
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[ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪ checking our top stories -- the western half of the country is facing a bitter blast of arctic air, and heavy snow. the system is threatening citrus crops in california. the engineer of that derailed train in new york nodded off moments before the crash, according to a union official. he said william rockefeller realized something was wrong and slammed on the brakes. but it was too late. and happening today, the man accused in the deadly shooting rampage at los angeles international airport will be in court today. paul anthony ciancia will be arraigned from the prison where he's being held. looking at today's weather. an icy mix for upstate new york. mild with scattered showers for the southeast. blizzard conditions in the dakotas and in minnesota. and finally, there's been a whole lot of gobble, gobble
4:28 am
going on in a community in new jersey. and it's ruffling more than just a few feathers. >> it's a rogue wild turkey, causing quite a commotion. wabc's sara wallace is hot on the trail. >> it chaste me out of the truck. he'll come right up. he's fearless. he'll stay in front of your truck. >> reporter: fedex driver rick randall isn't sure of the gutsy gobbler's motives. but the creature is creatg chaos in crestville, new jersey. >> it's scary. my friends say, yeah. he attacked me, too. people from other routes have had experiences with him. >> reporter: so, this is a notorious turkey. >> notorious. >> reporter: but it doesn't end there. our sources tell us that this turkey has been ruffling feathers all over town. including here at the cresskill police department. >> he's done his own recon on us by showing up down at the police department and going after some of our cars and our guys.
4:29 am
so, he's pretty wily. he might have received some specialized training somewhere. >> reporter: officer sean cole has videotaped several run-ins with the brazen bird. what about thanksgiving? is this thanksgiving day revenge? >> it might be. he layed low when thanksgiving hit. and as soon as it passed, here he comes. >> reporter: he's led cops on several chases after setting off burglar alarms. >> a particular alarm, and prepare for the worst. and i get there, and there's a turkey. >> reporter: for now, he's just run afoul of the law a few times. not enough to be labeled a feathered fugitive. >> he keeps us on our toes. it's good training for my guys. >> he showed his hand a few times. we have intel on him. and i think we have it under control. >> reporter: from cresskill, sarah wallace, channel 7,
4:30 am
eyewitness news. >> bad turkey. he is not to be gobbled with. that's what's happening in america this morning. >> stay with us for "go >> live from the abc-7 broadcast center. this is good morning washington on your side. >> straight up at 4:30, new details overnight as a shoot-out sends a d.c. officer and a suspect to the hospital. plus, a lingering headache for drivers this morning. we'll tell what you to expect for your morning commute as crews work to fix two tricky water main breaks in the area. good morning, washington. i'm jummy olabanji. >> and i'm autria godfrey. happy to have you with us this wednesday morning. lots of trouble out there with water main breaks the last week. we'll get into that in just a bit. but first, your forecast. another nice day out there. jacqui jeras in the

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